Decodes from an Ultra Low ERP Station 8-element Single Yagi and 500 watts:
(October 22th, 2014)

This video is meant to demonstrate how well the new 2X12 RPOL antenna system performs. The clip shows good decodes from Stephane F4EZJ who was running an 8-Element Single Yagi with only 500 watts! I decoded 80% of his traces during the hour long session. With no LNA, Stephane did not decode my calls this time around but decoded my transmissions from a previous QSO a couple of days earlier so may be more luck next time to complete the full QSO between our two small stations. That is the fun of EME, it cannot be so easy...

Remarkable fact: Faraday Polarity Rotation was "spinning" amazingly fast that day, that is at a rate of 3.3 degrees per minute! That is the fastest Faraday Rotation Rate that I have recorded so far (see Faraday Polarity Rotation Experiment in Section 3 above). Over the 60 minutes long session where I consistently decoded F4EZJ transmissions, I had to rotate the polarity of the array by more than 200 degrees in order to keep up with Faraday and Stephane's traces!



***WARNING: For Best Resolution, it is critical to select 720p HD resolution in the youtube "settings" at bottom right of the player. The 360p default setting won't yield good enough resolution to see the details. It will take several seconds before the High Resolution kicks in, so you will need to restart the video from the beginning when the High Resolution is active and select to view the video in "Full Screen Mode" for best experience...***