(October 18th, 2014)

This video demonstrates an extreme case of EME Non-Reciprocity, a very challenging phenomenon described by many Moonbouncers. In this example, I (KK6FAH) could best copy John (G4SWX) at a polarization angle of 125 degrees. At that angle however, John (G4SWX) had no trace from me.

It was found that G4SWX had a strong copy of my station at a polarization angle of about 35 degrees. Since the conditions were not reciprocal, at 35 degrees, I had no trace at all from John's station. This represents the most extreme case of Non-Reciprocity where a full 90-Degree offset between the TX and RX sequences was required in order to make the QSO possible and maximize the signals on both ends.

Using the flexibility of the 2X11 Rotatable Antenna Array, I was able to complete the full 90-degree rotation between each RX and TX sequence in order to eliminate the negative impacts of the Non-Reciprocity effect which was inflicting us... Watch this!


***WARNING: For Best Resolution, it is critical to select 720p HD resolution in the youtube "settings" at bottom right of the player. The 360p default setting won't yield good enough resolution to see the details. It will take several seconds before the High Resolution kicks in, so you will need to restart the video from the beginning when the High Resolution is active and select to view the video in "Full Screen Mode" for best experience...***