Audible Moon Echos using TARP and
250watts at Antenna Feed Points
(750 watts total for the 3X13 Array - no ground gain involved)
Following the experiment described in Section 53 where detectable Moon Echos were produced at extremely low power, an additional Moon Echo test was run but this time, using 10 times more power, i.e. 250 watts at the antenna feed points or 750 watts total for the array after accounting for the coaxial cable losses.
Out of the 60 Echos produced, many were extremely strong and audible. An audio filter was applied after the fact in order to decrease the background noise and make the Echos more easily audible. The Echos can clearly be heard at a higher tone/frequency than the ones at which the tones were transmitted. Below the distribution of the Echos strength recorded:
The results shown in the table above are extremely interesting. They clearly validate the results of the Echo test done at low power which was realized using only 25 watts at the antenna feed points or 75 watts total for the array (Section 53). For instance, we can see in the table above that 23% of the 60 Echos produced at 750 watts were between -10dB and -15dB (audible territory). This means that when the Echo test was run at 10X lower power (75 watts), a sizable portion of the Echos should have fallen between -20dB and -25dB respectively, i.e. 10dB (10X) weaker than what was obtained at 750 watts. This is precisely what was observed where many good visible Echos were produced in that particular range. This all makes sense and the results obtained through many QSO and various performance tests have been very consistent so far.
Stay tuned for more results about TARP...
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