Below a Video Clip of an RX Polarization Test performed with a Single Yagi station (ON4KHG running 1X12H/600watts). The polarization test was not 100% conclusive as we ran out of time (Moonset in Europe), but the video demonstrates that even with very modest antenna systems and low ERP, it is possible to make reliable EME QSO's. Obviously, having RPOL capability is a huge advantage in such circumstances. I actually completed the full QSO with ON4KHG and his Single Yagi days earlier on June 21st 2014, and completed many other Single Yagi QSO'a using the very same polarization optimization technique shown in the video below... 

PS: Thanks to Gaetan (ON4KHG) for participating to the test.

***WARNING: For Best Resolution, it is critical to select 720p HD resolution in the youtube "settings" at bottom right of the player. The 360p default setting won't yield good enough resolution to see the details. It will take several seconds before the High Resolution kicks in, so you will need to restart the video from the beginning when the High Resolution is active and select to view the video in "Full Screen Mode" for best experience...***