(August 2nd, 2015)
A few weeks ago, ND0B introduced me to Steve K5FR, the creator and genius behind "DDUtil", an application software designed to enhance the operating experience for Flex Radio users by providing advanced connectivity to Peripheral Equipment and Radio Control Programs (RCPs) otherwise not available.
Steve expressed his interest in the RPOL system so after receiving all the information needed, he quickly got the construction started. Steve opted for the same 13-element RPOL LFA construction which I have recently built and setup in my backyard. Steve has completed the construction of the first antenna and is now working on the 2nd one in order to complete the 2X13 RPOL LFA setup. Below some pictures of Steve's work of art.
In addition to the 2X13 RPOL LFA system, K5FR will be using an HLV-2000 PA, which is capable of delivering the full legal limit in JT65 with no sweat. There is absolutely no doubt that Steve will be very loud... Congratulations to Steve for his excellent construction and setup, and I am looking forward to working his station very soon via the moon!