(June 2, 2015)
Following the very encouraging results described in section 25, since a had a clear moon that evening, I continued the experimentation and produced additional Moon Echos using the same strategy, but this time, with a degrade factor of -5.9 dB.
The result are VERY interesting. Please note that for this experiment, the ECHO avg. in WSJT was set to 3. The Transmit (TX) was done using the 2X14/RP/K (~100,000 watts ERP) and as described in section 25, the RX was done using the new Single Yagi 13-element RPOL LFA with NO ground gain or whatsoever.
The polarity of the TX array was set to 175 degrees and the polarity of the RX Single Yagi was set to 45 degrees.
Per the video, the Echo Traces obtained on the waterfall were excellent despite the high degrade factor and the relative small size of the TX/RX setup utilized.
Later on during the same evening, I recorded even better Echos in the -21dB range (picture to the right). Many/most of the Echo Quality Factor was 10/10 per WSJT, while the degrade was at -6.3dB this time around. All of it with a Single Yagi 13-Element in the Backyard...!
The degrade factor will be even higher over the next couple of days so more to come...
Stay Tuned!
***WARNING: For Best Resolution for the videos below, it is critical to select 720p HD resolution in the youtube "settings" at bottom right of the player. The 360p default setting won't yield good enough resolution to see the details. It will take several seconds before the High Resolution kicks in, so you will need to restart the video from the beginning when the High Resolution is active and select to view the video in "Full Screen Mode" for best experience...***