KK6FAH Rotatable Polarity Design being Automated !
(March 7th, 2015)
About 3 weeks ago, I have had the opportunity to meet Bill (ND0B) via EME. Bill was putting out a very nice signal with his Single 12-element Yagi using 1500 watts (screenshot below). Bill is a very creative and accomplished embedded systems engineer with 35 years of experience in product development and integration.
After a lot of back and worths about RPOL capabilities and EME antenna arrays, Bill made the decision to duplicate my 2X14 RPOL design and develop a dedicated application which will tremendously enhance the RPOL capabilities and the efficiency of the overall system. See screenshot of the proto application to the right.
Here are some of the features that this application will enable, all of which are completely flexible and programmable via the antenna polarity control panel window:
- Faraday Rotation Compensation
- Non-Reciprocity Compensation (manual or based on DPOL in WSJT)
- Optimized CQ's performed at different TX increments, RX done at same or different polarities
- Independant control of each antenna
Thanks to Bill for his outstanding work on this. 
Stay Tuned!!!