"Eyeball" QSO with my Friend Rick WA6RAI
(January 28th, 2015)
I was extremely pleased and honored to meet Rick WA6RAI in person a few days ago. Rick is immensely knowledgeable and dedicated to get on the air soon to realize his first EME QSO.
His email testimony below is a confirmation of our "Eyeball QSO"... I look forward to meeting Rick very soon on the Moon...!
This is to confirm the "Eyeball QSO" of WA6RAI with KK6FAH on Sunday, January 11th 2015.
This also confirms that, on said date, Rick WA6RAI visited the QTH of Jimmy KK6FAH and witnessed, in person, the world famous KK6FAH dual 14 element Rotating Polarity yagi array.
Many have experienced the abilities of this beautiful piece of work, but few have actually seen it in person (if only I could have touched it...but alas, I was not permitted to go on the roof).
With heartfelt gratitude, I thank you Jimmy for the opportunity given to me on this occasion!