(October 24th, 2014)
I could not resist to the temptation... After having successfully tested all the previous RPOL versions (from 2X8 to 2X12), it was obvious that the boom could take on a few more elements so I decided to go for a 2X14 configuration.
I ended up purchasing 2 new Fiberglass Poles and used the full length minus the tip section, which gave me almost the full 30-foot length that was needed.
It is interesting to note that the weight is NOT the actual limitation of this antenna system, but more the sagging due to the absence of guy wires. At 14-element, the sagging is still acceptable. It is conceivable that the antenna could be made even longer, that is up to a 15 or even 16-element, but would need to be extended by adding extra aluminum at the rear end in order to minimize the sagging.
In terms of construction, the complete antenna is so amazingly light that I can hold it up in the air with amazing ease with only one hand. Additionally, it is highly portable where most elements are simply held in place "through the fiberglass boom" or held by simple plastic clips and the entire boom itself is collapsable to only 4 feet where each section fit nicely one into the other!







My RPOL antenna system has now reached 19.0 dBi of forward gain, and I am extremely excited to try it on the air!


The notion that only small antenna arrays can be made "Rotatable" is a concept of the past...